Yarny Yawns & CroMo Conundrums

Have you ever hit a (figurative) wall in your work?  Where you either have no idea which project to start next or are stuck on a stitch that you just can’t master? Or you have projects to work on, but no real drive pushing you to do so?  When your creative muse has taken a vacation?

Yep, that’s where I’m at.  I have several projects on the hook, but without deadlines, they are languishing in their respective project bags or boxes.

  • I hit a monotonous section in my thread project
  • I am uninspired by the color choices for the afghan
  • I am struggling with a new knitting project
  • My pattern writing project has hit a snag (the stitch diagrams are not cooperating)
  • And the wrist pain that plagues all Yarnies has returned to visit my left hand

So what do you do to combat the crochet conundrums? The yarny yawns? What magical song will call back your muse?

I think I’ll go for a winter-y walk on this mild February day, and maybe color a mandala later.  🙂