Double trouble….for twins!

Not long after I found out that we were expecting, one of my very best friends received similar news.  Except her news was twice as exciting.  Twins!!!!

The twins were born about 6 weeks after our daughter arrived, so our girls have had fun growing and playing together as their mom and I shared stories and tips and struggles of new mommy-hood over the last almost 18 months.

Although I tried to finish this project in time for the twins’ first birthday, I was a little late.  😦  I can only crochet when my daughter is asleep or someone else is watching her, so my hooking time is severely limited.  I have found that I absolutely must mark my patterns now as I complete sections, and stitch markers are a must.  I use the square plastic tabs that come on bread bags.  They’re cheap (free!) and I can use a pen or marker and write which hook I was using (should I forget).

eloise bonnet

First bonnet with scrapped chin strap. I was running out of yarn, so I changed the chin strap so both sets would ‘match’.

So the double project for the twins…..  If you are on Ravelry, then you will be able to find the patterns quite easily.  It’s the Eloise Girls Sweater and Eloise Bonnet by Tamara Kelly.  If you are not on Ravelry (and if you are following a crochet blog, you probably should go check out Ravelry!  just sayin’), here’s the link to the Eloise Sweater.

I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in Autumn Maize (1), Blue (2 – but it was REALLY close to needing a bit of a third), and White (1) and my Furls F hook (3.75mm).

eloise sweater

I rarely do pieces that require color changes in the middle of a piece.  And this has a LOT of color changes.  Every two rows.  Since the rows on both the sweater and the bonnet are short, it seemed like all I did for awhile was change colors and weave in ends.  But I learned a LOT about weaving all those ends in, too!

I did make my own changes to the pattern.  To get more dimension between the stripes, I used the back-back-loop instead of back-loop-only.  If you are not familiar with the back-back-loop, search this blog for the blue scarf and beanie from last winter.  I also added to the collar area for a closer fit, which Tamara suggested to do in the pattern.  I omitted the buttons on both the sweater and the bonnet, and opted instead to attach the chin strap on the bonnets with Velcro closures.  That last one was more of a safety/personal decision.

It was a fun project.  I really liked how the stripes worked up and I LOVED the bonnet!!!  In fact, I will probably make one for my daughter as soon as I get my current project done.

If you’ve caught the circle sweater craze, then you may have seen this Russian version floating around the web.

NOT MY PICTURES OR WORK.  Just using them for the next project

NOT MY PICTURES OR WORK. Just using them for the next project

rcs 1 russian circle sweater

I LOVE the look of this sweater.  And since the Eloise sweater isn’t quite big enough for my daughter next spring or fall, I wanted to try this one since it looks rather adaptable.  Except the chart is the only instructions that I’ve found.

So I’m translating another pattern from chart to written US.  I’ll post the instructions once I’m finished and get the kinks worked out.


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