Miss July, 1993

For as long as I have crocheted, I have tried very hard not to have more than one or two projects on the hook at any given time.  I know several people who keeps LOTS of projects going, each in their own little work bag.  Those people have always amazed me!  I have a hard enough time remembering which row I was last on for just one project, unless I’ve marked it somehow, let alone five or six projects.

Since I limit my WIPs, I have an ever-growing list of patterns and ideas of projects that must be made.  I don’t know a single yarnist who doesn’t have more ideas and patterns than she has time to make them.  So while I’ve finished up my forever-thread project, I’ve steadily added to my list of want-to-be WIPs list.  Baby jackets and hats for my daughter and for my friend’s twins (our girls were born less than two months apart), a fuzzy bathmat with 3-dimensional stitching, endless petals pillow, the Sophie’s Universe CAL from Look What I Made….. my list just keeps growing.

Thankfully, my current project is finished and I can start something new.  This is from Annie’s Calendar Bed Doll Society, Miss July 1993.  Size 10 crochet cotton in red, white & blue, with DMC gold.



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