Beyond the hobby

This post won’t be in the same vein or tone as some of my others.

People use crafts and hobbies for many different reasons.  In most cases, the reason isn’t nearly as important as the fun and satisfaction one gets from proudly completing something new.  People sew, knit, crochet, are woodworkers, quilters, potters, painters, musicians, for nothing more than the simple joy those activities bring to themselves and those around them.

For others, crafting is more than a hobby.  Some people are able to establish entire careers around an industry that they love and contribute to daily, influencing the trends and methods.

And for an even smaller population, crafting is a life-line.  A way of coping, and dealing with personal problems.  The friendships formed in the craft communities through social media, blogging, and YouTube are real and hold deep meanings for people suffering with depression.

The crochet community lost one of those contributors last week.  She designed mandalas and contributed greatly to a CAL in 2014.  Her blog, with an entry from her sister, is here.

Another crocheter has designed and asked for submissions to honor Wink’s memory and to help raise awareness for those who suffer from depression.  Details about the crochet art installment can be found here.

If you or someone you know has battled with depression, please consider participating in the #MandalasForMarinke project.  Mandala patterns, both free and for purchase, can be found on Marinke’s blog site and her Ravelry page.


2 thoughts on “Beyond the hobby

  1. I am very sorry to hear that. I work in mental health and know only too well the debilitating effect of depression. I agree there needs to be increased awareness, understanding and reduced stigma of mental health difficulties and hopefully the project that has been set up will help to do that. Thanks for sharing, although I can imagine it was not an easy post to write. x


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