Late Spring Arrivals

I’m so sorry!!!!  I’ve neglected this blog for far too long.  I really don’t have a good excuse other than finding time to sit at a computer can be hard sometimes!  Our last lamb of the season was born near the end of April.  We were fortunate to have more than 70 lambs come this year.  They are all bouncing and jumping in the green fields today, as I look out the window.

I’ve also been busy building a new bee hive for the farm.  That’s right, I’m officially a beekeeper!  I’m really excited to taste the honey later this year.

But back to the crochet…..

I have been working on some new stuff.  For a long time, I promised myself that I would only work on one project at a time.  After my last move, I realized that I had far too many projects lying around in their own bags.  Some of them I had had for years and had forgotten all about them!  There were sewing projects, crochet projects, bobbin lace pillows, and even my misguided knitting projects – cast aside mid-purl.  After discovering all of this half-finished attempts, I vowed to finish projects, one at a time, before I began new endeavors.

For a long time, it worked.  One project at a time.  I was much more productive, but I also wasn’t as happy.  I get bored to easily.  So, I broke my promise to myself this spring and I have 3 projects on the hook, and two more floating in my head!

I had a small commission project that I am putting the final touches on this week.  If you are on Ravelry (a great resource!!!), be sure to check out the Marie-Antoinette crown pattern by Anisbee (paid pattern).  It comes in a couple of different sizes as written, but you can make it bigger or smaller as needed.  The diagram/chart included is really helpful, too.

I’m also working on a bonnet and sweater/jacket for my daughter and a friend’s twin daughters for this fall to keep the girls warm.  My friend’s girls were born just six weeks after my own daughter, so similar jackets (with slight changes) are in order.  The pieces are coming along nicely, with some dimensional work in back-back loops and striping color changes.

My third WIP is the never-ending thread project.  I’d estimate that I’m probably about 60-70% done with it, but those tiny stitches can take so long sometimes.


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