Thread Crochet Rose

If you are like any other fiber artist that I have met and are on pinterest, then you may have come across countless crochet patterns that are written as diagrams, rather than line-by-line instructions.  Knitting charts are fairly normal, but crochet diagrams are not the norm in the US (although they are gaining popularity).  Most crochet charts come out of Eastern Europe and Asia (I come across a lot with Russian and Japanese notations).  One of my favorite flower patterns is a rose.  Specifically this one:

thread crochet rose

Beautiful, no?  The only problem is that there are no written instructions, just the chart diagram at the bottom.  So for those friends that prefer the written instructions to deciphering the diagram, I wrote the instructions down!  It’s in  PDF form, completely free.  If you have any questions or problems, please let me know!

Thread Crochet Rose  <- PDF file (just 1 page)

Disclaimer:  As far as I am aware, the pattern and picture are not under copyright or any other publication restrictions.  If I am informed otherwise, I will be removing both the PDF file and the post entirely.


12 thoughts on “Thread Crochet Rose

  1. thank you for writing it out! I am more of a visual learner but sometimes I can’t understand the crochet charts. The written pattern helps also. Thanks again.


  2. Thanks for writing it out! The written pattern helps so much because I don’t understand crochet charts sometimes. I find that I learn better through a combination of written and visual (video and/or pictures). Now I can attempt to make this using the written pattern as well. Thanks again.


  3. It’s beautiful!! Thank you for sharing! Unfortunately I canon open the pdf, but I hope I will manage it with the schedule. I only do not understand the thee chaos. …


  4. Thanks for the pattern. It was very helpful. The rose itself is gorgeous. My only problem is with how thick the base is. I am looking for a similar design to decorate a shawl in cotton thread for a gift for my wife for our second anniversary. This just looks too chunky for my needs, but might come in handy to make a dozen long lasting long stemmed roses.

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