Spinning Circles…

Have you ever gotten so wrapped up in something, a project, an event, some drama, or even a tv show, that you have completely missed out or forgotten to do something else?


Well, I am far from perfect, and have neglected my new blog and faithful readers for the last few days.  I can assure you that I have had crochet, and threads, and fibers on the brain – it just hasn’t translated to a blog post quite yet.  You see, I have this unintended WIP – a bed doll – that I’ve been working on.  OMG TINY THREAD – I haven’t worked with thread in years.  Then I have visions of hairpin lace patterns dancing in my head, and I’ve been exploring that world on Pinterest.  And an old friend has graciously offered to teach me to spin, which is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  AND, I finally figured out what my whole hold-up with knitting has been (hint: look up continental knitting).

But what has been taking up mindless time the fast few days?  Well, let me show you.


It’s Lambing Season!!!!

The lambs have started to arrive, and I’m technically on ewe-watch as I type this (in between taking care of the baby and other normal stuff).

…..  LOL  I have to laugh, rereading this really makes my ADD stand out, but that’s who I am.

Happy Monday, people!


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