Slow start to a New Year

So, there’s always some saying about the best of intentions and New Year’s resolutions. I tend to try to NOT make resolutions, and prefer to just make whatever changes I’d like to make. This blog is one of those ‘changes’. I have plans and tags, picture posts and themes all lined up. Making the time to type up each post is where I need to make further change. Sometimes, balancing life and life’s passion is a difficult task!

And then there are times that a new project pops up that you had completely not expected to work on. A long time ago, I made a thread crochet bed doll for a fashion doll. I had the whole year’s collection for this particular set of patterns. Some interest in bed dolls was expressed online, and I started looking at bed doll patterns again. My husband caught me looking at a separate set of similar patterns just before the holidays. Well, he surprised me and bought the set of patterns as a present! With the new patterns, and a gift card to a yarn store, my next project fell into my lap (despite the dozens of skeins of yarn that my dear Hubby got me on Black Friday). So I’ve been working on a fashion bed doll project this past week.

What have you been working on in the new year?


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