Trebles finished

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After a lot of interruptions, a new job, hiatus, and almost 18 months, I finally finished the trebles project. I also redesigned the undergarment support, as I have come to loathe the pillow-form bases.  This is likely the last A.C.B.D. Society pattern I will do for awhile.


Crochet Textures

One of my favorite things about new patterns and designs is the textures that you can create with simple patterns.  The feel of a chunky cable scarf on a winter-y day or the soft drape of a lace-weight top in summer; the textures created in the crochet world are as different and varied as the artist that create them.

Lately, I’ve been working in thread crochet, but the texture patterns can be used with any type of yarn.  Working in just the back loops (or even the back-back loops) for each row gives a great ridged texture.


Alternating the stitches can produce soft, almost bubbly textures like this sc,dc pattern.


Surface crochet, spike stitches, and puff stitches are also hot right and all give your work fantastic results for adding some dimension to your work.


My crochet time gets limited by this little one – she keeps trying to help!


What’s your favorite stitch to produce texture?

Finished Fluffy

This is a long over due post. I finished the Fluffy blanket about a month ago, and finally delivered it about a week and a half ago.  It was given just in time, too.  The momma-t0-be loved it, and went into labor about 9 hours later.  She and the baby girl are enjoying it at home now.

Not much else is on the hook right now.  I have thread project that I hope to have finished in the next two months.  Finding time to hook right now is hard, between kids, farm, and other commitments.

fluffy blanket done

Fluffy blanket, fresh of the hook and before blocking. April 2016

Staying Put & Fluffy

I’m back!!!  I’ve decided to keep the crochet blog separate from the others.  You come here for yarny goodness, not honey and car restoration. (Although you are most welcome to visit the other blogs, too!)

I’ve been working on a baby blanket, lately.  My husband’s coworker is expected a baby girl later this spring.  We will be out of town for the baby shower, but I still wanted to make something warm and cuddly to welcome the new baby girl with.  This blanket from Yarnspirations and Patons made the rounds last year, and I just never had a reason or time to make it until now.



If your interested, the name is Fluffy Meringue Stitch Blanket.  It is a free pattern, and I have it listed on my Ravelry projects page, too.  I’m using a Bernat Baby yarn, which I love because of the softness.  The blanket is nice, too.  I’m not fond of picot stitches and a double crochet back post decrease is a mouthful, the blanket stitches up rather quickly.  It’s nice that you can make it whatever size you want; just continue repeating the last four rows of the pattern.  I’m not sure I’d want to make a king-size blanket with all these picots, but it’s perfectly possible with this pattern.


If you are interested in the other blogs, check out:   for bees, honey, and farm life  or  for the 1948 Fleetline restoration project.

Changes coming…maybe

I’ve been toying with some changes both crochet-related and blog related.  I have more projects on the hook than I’ve ever had at one time before, which is both fun and frightening.

I also have another blog that I write for in addition to this one.  It has a bit wider scope, containing my musings on crochet, honeybees (I have two hives), farm life, and motherhood in general.

Keeping up with everything is starting to slow me down in actually finishing anything.  I’ve already made the decision to not start any new yarn projects until the current load is finished, including the pattern writing.  As far as the blogging goes, I may combine everything into one blog at a new site.

I’m still working on the details. :/


Yarny Yawns & CroMo Conundrums

Have you ever hit a (figurative) wall in your work?  Where you either have no idea which project to start next or are stuck on a stitch that you just can’t master? Or you have projects to work on, but no real drive pushing you to do so?  When your creative muse has taken a vacation?

Yep, that’s where I’m at.  I have several projects on the hook, but without deadlines, they are languishing in their respective project bags or boxes.

  • I hit a monotonous section in my thread project
  • I am uninspired by the color choices for the afghan
  • I am struggling with a new knitting project
  • My pattern writing project has hit a snag (the stitch diagrams are not cooperating)
  • And the wrist pain that plagues all Yarnies has returned to visit my left hand

So what do you do to combat the crochet conundrums? The yarny yawns? What magical song will call back your muse?

I think I’ll go for a winter-y walk on this mild February day, and maybe color a mandala later.  🙂

Happy Holidays!!!!

One thing I have learned over the last 18 months since Cat was born is that my time is no longer my own!  🙂

I’m still working on the size adjustments for the Girls Circle sweater ( I haven’t forgotten!!!).  Between the holidays, family, shopping trips and trying to finish gifts, I lost track of time.

But I have some important and exciting news!!!  Thanks to the big man in the red suit, this girl has a new, faster computer AND a new tripod to make videos!!!!

Stay tuned, and new stuff should pop up after the first of the year!